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    Learn about Wi-Fi HaLow with us.

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    About Wi-Fi Halow

    Wi-Fi HaLow is a new Wi-Fi standard that operates on the 900 MHz frequency band, which is at a lower frequency than the ones used by traditional Wi-Fi networks at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

    It was previously known as Wi-Fi 802.11ah, and was designed to have a longer range and smaller power consumption than the traditional Wi-Fi networks, making it well-suited for use in IoT (Internet of Things) devices and other low-power applications.


    Its main advantage against WiFi 6 is the ability to penetrate walls and other barriers, which gives it much better coverage in areas where traditional Wi-Fi networks struggle to provide connectivity. It’s still in a nascent stage as of today and isn’t as popular as the traditional Wi-Fi networks yet. The commercially available Wi-Fi HaLow products were only introduced to the market recently.

  • How do I use Wi-Fi HaLow

    To use Wi-Fi HaLow, you need to have Wi-Fi HaLow Routers, Access Points or Bridges.

    There are many out there, but these are the ones we know about.

    *If you are a manufacturer that would like to add to this list, please contact me.

    ($270) AP-100AH

    The first commercially available access point supporting IEEE’s 802.11ah wireless standard which is a long-range technology where a single access point can give you range up to 3 kilometers supporting up to 675 clients.

    ($438.00) Elastel EG500 IoT Gateway Wi-Fi HaLow Edition

    An industrial IoT Gateway designed for IoT applications, especially those that use 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow technology. Leverage SX-NEWAH module from SilexTechnology, the first industrial IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi module, EG500 can be used as a Wi-Fi HaLow gateway or router for your IoT projects.

    ($270) BR-100AH

    The first commercially available IEEE’s 802.11ah wireless enterprise bridge. It allows any ethernet device to communicate with other 802.11ah devices over a long-range Wi-Fi HaLow network, giving you the freedom to put it anywhere in your facility.

    ($165) AP7628-UHM

    A small-sized (8 x 5 x 1.5 cm) Wi-Fi4 & Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway Ethernet to USB C Dongle. USB drivers: Windows, MAC, UEFI (PXE, UNDI) and Linux supported. AP/STA/Bridge mode as well.

    ($165) AP7628-UHM

    AP7688-WHM is a small-size 9 x 11.5cm, WiFi4 & Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway with RS232 console for industrial control. Mediatek MT7688 chipset 580MHz MIPS Wi-Fi 4: Max Data Rate up to 150Mbps Morse Micro MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow: Max Data Rate up to 32.8Mbps @ 8MHz Ch. BW

    ($100) HaLow-U

    The world’s first USB Type-C HaLow AP / CPE (Customer Premise(s) Equipment). 802.11ah HaLow USB adapter Support AP & client mode with a Type C connector for Laptop PC powered by Power Bank.

    ($180) The Tube-AH outdoor series allows long range, ultra-low power Wi-Fi networks in sub 1 GHz license-exempt bands, utilizing compact, mast mounted enclosure.IEEE 802.11ah sub 1 GHz outdoor AP/CPE with single Fast Ethernet and PoE support. Ethernet with passive PoE and ESD protection (with support for optional 802.3at/af module) (5) Type-N antenna connector.

    ($unknown) 3 Best-In-Class Wi-Fi HaLow & BLE IoT Application Support.

    Built-in Wi-Fi HaLow chipset support (mPCIe slot now longer used for HaLow). Built-in GPS chipset support. Longer range BLE with the addition of a BLE Front End Module or FEM (i.e. 1 km).

    The Trimble SX12 is the one instrument you need to handle any surveying project by integrating surveying, imaging, and 3D scanning capabilities into your everyday workflow. With the addition of Wi-Fi HaLow technology, the SX12 can achieve long-range communication using a single radio link, while maintaining a robust and quick connection.

    IEEE802.11ah, traditional Wi-Fi standards (IEEE802.11n/b/g) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) are implemented. By combining it with a solar battery (optional function), it can be installed in places where it is difficult to secure power supply.

  • Products, Sensors, Edge Devices and Apps

    After setting up the Wi-Fi infrastructure, you can now install sensors, devices or apps to start using the data and range that HaLow provides.

    The World's First 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Sensors. Vibration Shock Angle Environment (Temperature/Pressure/Humidity) Gas (Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs plus Volatile Sulphur Compounds or VSCs) Ventilation Effectiveness (C02 in Human Breath)

    Monitor ventilation and improved Covid-Safety. Minimizing the risk of Covid transmission within indoor spaces is critical. Deviceworx has partnered with Sensirion AG to build an accurate, battery powered Carbon Dioxide (CO2) sensor that can be very quickly deployed within public and private spaces


    Low bandwidth communication app made for HaLow. Optional intranet deployed server for no internet premises, ships and mines.


    $80【Long-distance Transmission】It has a simple installation, it can be used without a network and has a long transmission distance.


    The first 802.11ah long range Wi-Fi outdoor wireless battery camera $199 (Please beware: the comments on Kickstarter aren’t positive)

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